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Oral Prophylaxis and Hygiene

Oral hygiene Birmingham

It is a well known fact that prophylaxis is the foundation of good physical condition. Teeth are no exception. Dental prophylaxis and oral hygiene in Birmingham help to prevent dental as well as periodontal diseases (diseases of the tooth supporting structures). Its main aim is fighting dental plaque which is responsible for the development of tooth decay and a periodontal disease known as periodontitis. During your visit in our surgery we provide you with the rules of proper oral hygiene maintenance (teach you how to brush and floss correctly) and suggest a suitable prophylactic procedure:

  • scaling – procedure conducted with the use of an ultrasound instrument which removes hard build-up on teeth known as tartar. At the end of the procedure the teeth are smoothed and polished, since their rough surface makes it easier for dental plaque to form, consequently leading to the appearance of tartar.
  • sandblasting – removal of dark deposits, stains and discolourations caused by drinking coffee and tea, and smoking cigarettes. The procedure is recommended for those who want to bring back natural whiteness to their teeth and make them look more aesthetic.
  • fluoride therapy – applying fluoride varnish on teeth is used to make them less sensitive and to strengthen their enamel. Fluoride also makes them more resistant to the formation of tooth decay and helps speed remineralisation in small cavities.
  • fissure sealing in milk and permanent teeth – procedure involves filling (‘sealing’) anatomical fissures, grooves and pits on the teeth surface with a liquid, fluoride sealant. The sealant bonds into the depressions of the teeth, safeguarding them from plaque and thus mechanically protecting them from decay. Sealing procedure reduces the occurrence of fissure decay by 90%.

Oral hygiene Birmingham - effective methods of dental prophylaxis

At Top Medical Clinic, we have a mission. We want to educate patients and show that good oral hygiene is crucial to effective dental prophylaxis. In addition to performing various procedures, we recommend regular check-ups and provide patients with tips on proper oral hygiene at home to make bad oral hygiene a thing of the past.

Our oral hygiene doctors at Birmingham Top Medical Clinic will thoroughly explain the importance of daily habits such as proper brushing and flossing. We want to prevent problems related to teeth and gums effectively, so we strive to ensure that each patient leaves our clinic with a complete understanding of their oral health and the skills that will allow them to take care of their teeth and smile on their own. Subscribe to oral prophylaxis. Birmingham - this is where you'll find us.