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    Urology Description

    Urology Birmingham

    In Top Medical Clinic Birmingham we provide our patients with basic diagnostics (imaging and lab) and conservative treatment of the diseases of the urinary system in men and women.

    How can Urology in Birmingham can help?

    We offer help with the following diseases and problems:

    • diseases of prostate, testes and penis, including penile curvatures and tight foreskin(phimosis);
    • diseases of urethra, kidneys and bladder in men and women;
    • andrology problems – erectile dysfunctions and fertility issues;
    • problems and difficulties in micturition and incontinence;
    • problems related to haematuria (blood in the urine) and haematospermia ( blood in semen).

    Urology Dr Ivo Donkov.

  • Consultation with examination

  • Consultation with ultrasound scan

  • Follow-up consultation

  • Follow-up consultation with scan