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Cosmelan/Dermamelan treatment

Cosmelan {London}{Birmingham}{Croydon}

Cosmelan/Dermamelan is currently one of the most efficient ways of removing unwanted skin pigmentation. The treatment leaves the skin visibly younger and more radiant. It is mainly dedicated to treat changes in the skin which are the result of the harmful impact of UV radiation, i.e. photodamage, discolouration, excessive keratosis, etc. This medical procedure brings equally excellent results when used in patients who want to improve the elasticity and firmness of their skin. It works well with acne-prone skin with excessive seborrhea, large skin pores and small acne scars. Cosmelan and Dermamelan are non-invasive and safe treatments, appropriate for all skin types.

What is Cosmelan/Dermamelan in {London}{Birmingham}{Croydon}?

They are products containing a combination of depigmentation ingredients such as kojic acid, azelaic acid, retinyl palmitate, phytic acid, arbutine and ascorbic acid. The ingredients actively inhibit the secretion of tyrosinase – an enzyme responsible for the production of melanin.

What are the indications for the treatment?

  • Hormonal discolourations (melasma, chloasma),
  • Freckles and pigmented moles,
  • Large pores,
  • Sun spots,
  • Age spots,
  • Excessive keratosis,
  • Acne and small acne scars,
  • Loss of elasticity and firmness.

The treatment may be used on face, neck, chest, hands and arms.

What are the contraindications for the treatment?

  • Pregnancy,
  • Skin shortly after hair removal, including laser hair removal (2-week wait is recommended),
  • Active acne,
  • Very dark tan,
  • Active herpes,
  • Skin inflammation,
  • Skin shortly after chemical peel (a minimum of 7-day wait is recommended),
  • Using Roaccutane, a drug used to treat acne (it is necessary to wait 6 months),
  • Treatment with vitamin A derivatives (2-week wait is recommended).

What does the treatment look like?

The treatment of Cosmelan in {London}{Birmingham}{Croydon} consists of two phases:

First, the skin is cleansed and a special oil-removing solution is used. A mask is applied onto the skin. The mask remains on the skin for 5-8 hours, after which it is washed off by the patient at home. The mask application time is determined by the doctor for each patient individually. To continue the treatment at home (after mask removal), the patient is provided with a set of creams. Application of softening products helps with skin irritation. SPF 50+ products should be used on a daily basis.

After that, for the next 3-5 months the treatment is continued at home, according to a precise schedule provided by the doctor during the visit to the clinic. Following the prescribed schedule during the second at-home phase of the treatment is crucial to achieve proper results. Follow-up visits – 8, 15, and 30 days after the treatment – are recommended.

What are the post-treatment recommendations?

After the treatment of Cosmelan in {Isleworth}{Birmingham}{Croydon} the skin is reddened and tight. In the following days it starts to exfoliate. In 99% of patients skin discolourations are reduced by 95% in the first four weeks after the treatment. During the course of the treatment undergoing any exfoliating procedures, using any other depigmentation products or applying cosmetics containing alcohol is strictly forbidden. No make-up should be worn for 10 days following the treatment and sun exposure should be avoided for a month. In order to enjoy beautiful and healthy skin without discolourations, sun protection should be worn every day throughout the year.

What are the results and benefits of the treatment?

  • Reduction in the appearance of unwanted skin pigmentation, and consequently a more unified skin tone,
  • Minimized pores and reduced seborrhea,
  • Firmer and more elastic skin,
  • Improved skin texture.

The duration of the treatment depends on the patient’s skin phototype.