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Lips enhancement / modelling

Lips enhancement Croydon

Lips are an important part of facial beauty. Youthful, full and plump lips are a dream of many women. We can make this dream come true with a simple and safe dermal filler treatment that would add volume and definition to small, thin lips. The procedure can also balance out asymmetric lips or reduce the appearance of vertical lines.

What are indications for lips enhancement in Croydon?

When deciding to undergo the procedure, we have to remember about the natural effect – the change should be fine and subtle. The treatment can be performed regardless of the patient’s age. In young men and women the most often targeted problem is lips asymmetry – too thin upper or lower lip. In older people, the procedure involves rejuvenating - by reshaping the lip outline, a more youthful, appealing contour is achieved.

What are the advantages of lips enhancement?

  • lips become fuller and more symmetrical
  • the contour and colour are considerably enhanced
  • the wrinkles around lips are reduced (smoker’s lines)
  • lips are more plump and hydrated
  • lips are given a more youthful appearance

What are the contraindications to dermal fillers injections?

  • pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • autoimmune disorders
  • active infection near the site of injection
  • a known allergy/hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid
  • keloid-prone skin

How is the procedure performed?

Before the procedure of lip modeling in Croydon, a topical local anaesthetic cream may be applied to ensure the treatment is pain-free. Then, after cleansing the area to be treated, the doctor injects small amounts of dermal filler directly into the lips using an ultrafine needle. The treatment can take up to 30 minutes and then the lips will be massaged to ensure the substance is properly distributed.

What are the post-treatment recommendations?

For a few hours after the treatment of lip modeling in Croydon, one should avoid excessive expression of the lips area. The patient shouldn’t touch or massage the injected area unless specifically instructed to do so. For the following two weeks, the treated areas should not be exposed to intense heat (solarium, sauna).

How long does the desired effect last for?

The effect is instant and it lasts up to 12 months.

What are the possible adverse effects?

There may be some redness, tenderness, or swelling at the treatment site. This is a normal treatment response that will resolve itself within a few days. Mild bruising or a slight blush might also appear immediately following treatment. ,and may last for 2-10 days.