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1:1 Eyelashes extensions

1:1 Eyelashes extensions Croydon

Long, thick and curled eyelashes beautifully frame the eyes and boost our confidence. If you want to save precious time on everyday mascara makeup and give your eyes a spectacular look, it is worth to come for 1:1 eyelashes extension treatment in Top Medical Clinic.

What are 1:1 eyelashes extensions in Croydon?

Extending eyelashes using ‘one-to-one’ method is currently the most modern and most popular way of eyelash extension. The application consists of sticking single artificial eyelash to the natural one with the use of specially prepared glue. The outcome is a set of approx. 200 eyelashes.

What are the contraindications to the treatment?

  • allergies connected with extensive eye secretion
  • eye illness, e.g. conjunctivitis, eye reddening
  • bacterial inflammation within the eye
  • hair loss
  • eye injuries
  • claustrophobia – during the procedure, the client has to have eyes closed for about 3 hours
  • trichotillomania – hair pulling disorder

How is the 1:1 Eyelashes extensions performed?

The procedure of 1:1 Eyelashes extensions in Croydon is completely safe and pain-free. It is performed with the patient in a lying position with their eyes closed. Before the treatment, one should not apply any mascara or curl their eyelashes. In case of patients wearing contact lenses, lenses should be removed and can be applied again immediately after the treatment. During the procedure lower lashes are secured with collagen pads to stop them from sticking to the upper ones. The pads have lifting and moisturizing properties so the skin around eyes benefits from the procedure as well.

What are the benefits and effects of the treatment?

  • safe and painless
  • eyelashes are thicker, longer and darker
  • natural look – synthetic eyelashes are made in such a way that they imitate human eyelashes
  • eyelashes can be styled to optically ‘open’ the eye

What are the post-treatment recommendations?

For 24 hours after the 1:1 Eyelashes extensions in Croydon, it is advised to avoid swimming pool, sauna, steam baths and excessive wetting of eyelashes to allow for better glue bonding. It is recommended to avoid oily make-up removers and excessive rubbing because it may weaken the bond and extensions will fall out faster. Extended eyelashes have a spectacular effect and do not require mascara application, but if one wishes to use mascara it has to be water-based. Traditional mascara is not suitable.

How often is the ‘in-fill’ needed?

Natural eyelashes fall out every day as it is a result of their life cycle which lasts for 6-10 weeks. The natural eyelash falls out with an attached artificial one and a new, young eyelash takes its place. After about 3-5 weeks from the application day half of the eyelashes, approx. 100, are left. It is a good time to perform the ‘follow-up’. The service includes sticking artificial eyelashes to new, young eyelashes in order to maintain the extension and thickening effect obtained during the first application.

In case of one-off treatment, for instance for a special occasion, the effect of long, thick eyelashes without in-fills lasts for 3-4 weeks and the last extended eyelashes will fall out 2-3 months after the treatment.