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    Dental Hygiene Description

    Dental hygiene Croydon

    If you care about maintaining a healthy oral cavity and preserving your overall health, schedule an appointment with an experienced hygienist at Top Medical Clinic. Choose the correct dental hygiene.Croydon is a town where the specialists of our clinic are thriving. They deal with prevention and education in the field of oral hygiene. At the hygienist appointment, they cover the topics of the correct tooth brushing technique, flossing and other interdental cleaning products. In addition, dental hygienists carry out procedures to remove bacterial plaque and tartar, preventing the development of periodontal diseases.

    Oral hygiene under the supervision of experienced specialists in Croydon

    Dental hygienists prevent disease and keep your teeth and gums healthy. Regular visits to dental hygienists have a positive effect on the oral health of patients. By removing bacterial plaque and tartar, hygienists help prevent the development of caries and periodontal diseases such as gingivitis and periodontal disease. However, only some know how important dental hygiene is. Croydon - it is here that we want to educate and change the condition of the oral cavity of Poles. Regular visits to dental hygienists allow for earlier detection of problems and effective treatment, which is crucial for the long-term maintenance of a healthy smile and patients' overall health. Make a hygienist appointment to enjoy your smile for many years!

    Hygienist appointment - a step to a healthy smile

    Daily, proper tooth brushing, developing positive oral hygiene habits, as well as regular check-ups are the key to a healthy smile. Oral hygiene consists of many activities, including regular visits to specialists available at Top Medical Clinic. The dental hygienist develops an individual prophylaxis plan for each patient, considering their unique needs and oral health. This plan may include recommendations on the frequency of follow-up visits, choosing the right oral care products, and monitoring for any problems. Thanks to a personalized approach, our patients are more involved in caring for their oral health.

    Meet the hygienists at Top Medical Clinic in Croydon

    Regular visits to the dental hygienist not only affect oral health but can also contribute to financial savings. Prevention of oral diseases and early detection of problems allows you to avoid costly and complicated treatments. That is why prevention is so important. Entrust your health to experienced hygienists working in our clinic. Let them help you care for your teeth.

    Dental hygienist Magdalena Gunia / Daniel Łapiński

  • Airflow cleaning plus staining removal


    Supra and sub gingival scale removal, sandblasting, polishing and fluoride therapy 1 hour

  • Child airflow cleaning 30 min


    Child scaling supra and sub gingival - with dental hygienist Magdalena Gunia / Daniel Łapiński

  • Adult airflow cleaning 30 min


    Adult scaling supra and sub gingival - with dental hygienist Magdalena Gunia