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Cosmetic dental care

Cosmetic dental care in Croydon

Beauty is not only healthy skin, groomed nails and beautiful make-up. Beauty means also a brilliant smile, i.e. white, shiny and healthy teeth.

What is cosmetic dental care in Croydon?

In Top Medical Clinic we offer a wide range of cosmetic dentistry treatments (tailored for our clients’ individual needs) to make your teeth look white and healthy again.

Tray-based teeth whitening

With age teeth lose their whiteness due to many factors: coffee, tea, juices or cigarettes. After some time such discolourations penetrate deep into the tooth, making them hard to remove in home conditions. It is worth trying whitening teeth in our clinic in Croydon

Opalescence is a professional whitening gel which, if used correctly, can remove most stains in a safe and effective way. Stains are removed in the process of their oxidation with carbamide peroxide. Oxygen molecules penetrate the enamel and dentin, whitening the tooth but leaving its structure intact.

Whitening treatment is delivered via special custom-made trays prepared for each patient on the basis of an impression made by the dentist. The trays are translucent, comfortable and flexible in order to guarantee safe whitening during the sleep and invisibility during the day. Each patient obtains syringes with Opalescence gel from our dentist, applies the gel into trays according to the instruction provided, and puts them on before bedtime for around 8 hours (the dentist might recommend wearing whitening trays during the day as well). The treatment lasts approximately 10 days, depending on individual needs. The effect appears gradually, as the trays are used. Patients are commonly asked to appear at follow-up appointments every few days.

Recommendations for cosmetic dental care in Croydon

A so-called ‘white diet’ is recommended during the treatment. Drinks and foods causing discolouration (such as coffee, strong tea, Coca-Cola and alikes, red wine) should be avoided. In this period tooth enamel is partly dehydrated and especially prone to shade relapse. Smoking cigarettes is also not advised. If you have more questions about cosmetic dental care, please contact our specialists in Croydon.

Veneers and all-ceramic crowns

Veneers and all ceramic crowns are a perfect solution for those who would like to improve the appearance of their teeth. They provide incredible aesthetic effect – correcting tooth’s shape (all kinds of misalignments, rotations etc.), distemata (spaces between teeth), colour, and stains – at the same time being delicate to live teeth. All-ceramic products offer the best visual effect from those found currently on the market, making it possible to obtain a perfect shape and colour of the tooth.