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Dental surgery

Dental surgeon Croydon

Dental surgery in Top Medical Clinic offers numerous procedures performed within the oral cavity. Dental surgery is not only surgical tooth extraction but also reconstructive surgery of bone tissue and microsurgery of soft tissue which prepare oral cavity for specialist treatment: implant placement, prosthetic procedures or endodonthic therapy. Among some of the dental surgery procedures and services offered in our clinic are:

surgical consultations extraction of both permanent and milk teeth surgical extraction of impacted teeth excision of periodontal pockets around impacted teeth removal of wisdom teeth root resection cyst removal abscess incision sealing endodontically perforated teeth surgical dressing surgical repair of soft tissue and bone tissue as a preparation for prosthetic and implant therapy implant therapy procedures - read more bone reconstruction collection of tissue for a histopathological examination

Oral surgeon in Croydon tailored to your needs

Modern dental surgery uses advanced technologies that enable more precise and effective treatments in the oral cavity. The dental surgeon in Croydon offers you much greater comfort during treatment and faster recovery thanks to modern tools and devices.

Surgical tooth extraction is a task for an oral surgeon or other professionals. Our clinic employs professionals with years of experience. They will advise you at every stage of treatment.

An innovative approach to mouth surgery

Oral reconstruction after tooth loss or damage is not limited to traditional dentures or implants. Dental surgeons develop novel approaches that use modern materials and techniques. Advanced oral surgery allows you to restore the natural appearance, function and comfort of patients with various dental problems.

Dental surgeon Croydon in Top Medical Clinic solves all your oral problems. Don't hesitate to ask us for help - we're here for you.