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Dental prosthetics Croydon

Prosthetic treatment involves permanent, cosmetic reconstruction or restoration of missing teeth. Advances of modern dentistry offer a wide spectrum of possibilities of choosing a method which would be the best for a particular patient. With regards to dental prosthetics, in Croydon we work with top-class materials and cooperate with experienced prosthetic laboratories. This guarantees absolute quality and precision, as well as our patients’ satisfaction.

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  • crowns (a type of dental restoration, reconstructing the destroyed crown of a tooth):
    • porcelain-fused-to-metal – most common, its core is made of metal layered with porcelain and not noticeable in the mouth
    • all ceramic – used mainly for front teeth, made entirely of porcelain and providing the best visual effect
    • porcelain-fused-to-zirconia – used both for front and side teeth, its core is made of zirconium oxide, material of excellent strength, on the outside layered with porcelain
    • composite – used primarily as a temporary measure
    • inlays/onlays/overlays – alternative to regular fillings, mostly used in situations when the cavity goes below the gum line or when there is a problem in re-establishing a contact point with an adjacent tooth.
  • veneers (thin shells bonded to the front of the teeth, covering their imperfections):
    • composite – made of composite material commonly used to fill tooth cavities. They have high aesthetic value, but display lesser durability than porcelain veneers.
    • porcelain – made of porcelain, extremely strong, semi-translucent material which imitates natural dental enamel’s colour, its level of transparency, shine and the way of reflecting the light. Porcelain veneers are completely resistant to dental caries and strong discolourations.
  • dentures:
    • skeletal – removable prosthetic devices. Used when there are too many missing teeth to be replaced by a bridge. They are made of metal and do not put excessive pressure on the gums thanks to their clasp-fitting system.
    • acrylic – replace all or most of the teeth. The upper part covers the entire palate, and the lower horseshoe-shaped part is made to fit the tongue.

Teeth prosthetics

Tooth loss should not be ignored, since the consequences of leaving the spaces without a prosthetic device include:

  • changes in facial appearance which make the face look older
  • more mimic wrinkles
  • abnormal lip appearance (changes in symmetry and profile)
  • shortened distance between the nose and the chin, which disfigures the face
  • problems with chewing ability
  • problems with digesting as a consequence of mastication dysfunction
  • speeding up the process of the disappearance of maxillary and mandibular alveolar processes If you have any questions, contact our specialist of dental prosthetics in Croydon.