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Root canal (endodontic) therapy

Endodontic therapy in Croydon

Root canal therapy in Croydon at Top Medical Clinic is carried out when the bacteria which have caused decay trigger irreversible dental pulp inflammation. The treatment involves removing infected tissue and bacteria from the root canals within the tooth. Efficiency of root canal therapy is very high. When facing possible extraction it is worth trying endodontic treatment, since it is often the only chance to save the tooth. What is more, it is a far cheaper and less invasive method than extraction and replacing the tooth with a bridge or an implant. Choose endodontic therapy in Croydon, schedule an appointment at our clinic and enjoy healthy teeth!

Precision and accuracy – endodontic Therapy Croydon at Top Medical Clinic

Root canal therapy requires enormous precision, patience and experience. When treating complex cases a surgical microscope may be used. It magnifies the treated area and provides good lighting. The procedure is carried out in a few steps. First, the dentist opens the pulp chamber by drilling a hole through the tooth’s masticatory surface. Then, all the roots are identified, measured, cleaned and shaped using special small tools. Finally, the dentist permanently fills the system of decontaminated root canals with liquid gutta-percha. Root canal therapy is pain-free. In our clinic all procedures are performed using local anaesthetic, so that the patient can feel at ease. ROOT CANAL TREATMENT USING THE MICROSCOPE IS AVAILABLE IN OUR CROYDON AND BIRMINGHAM BRANCH.