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Videodermatoscopy Croydon

Currently, videodermatoscopy is the most advanced, non-invasive method of diagnosing skin changes. It involves displaying the area being studied, most often a nevus, on a computer screen magnified up to 200 times, thus making it possible to notice its morphological qualities not visible to the human eye.

How videodermatoscopy in Croydon works?

Videodermatoscopy gives us a chance for an early detection of small melanomas, as well as for the analysis and long-term observation of nevi with the possibility of their careful documentation and comparison during follow-up examinations.

What are the indications for videodermatoscopy?

  • light complexion, fair hair and eyes, multiple freckles;
  • tendency to sunburn;
  • family history of skin neoplasms (melanoma cases in family members);
  • numerous nevi and pigmentation disorders (over 50);
  • frequent sunbathing or indoor tanning;
  • a new, rapidly-growing nevus which itches, peels off, bleeds, has irregular shape and colour, and changes its appearance fast;
  • previous case of melanoma

The examination of videodermatoscopy in Croydon allows to discern the lesions which should be excised from those which need not be removed.