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Cleansing diets

Cleansing diets Croydon

Cleansing diets are most recommended to people suffering from food intolerance, constipation, diarrhoea, or migraines, as well as to those who would like to improve their eating habits—especially if their diet contains large amounts of fast food, processed food, and sweets. Cleanse programs can also serve as a great introduction to slimming diets.

How Cleansing diets in Croydon can help?

What makes cleansing diets so effective is that they not only help clear the body of toxins and waste products, but also improve peristalsis, help reduce excess body fat, and have a mood-boosting and invigorating effect. During a cleansing diet in Croydon clinic, excess water accumulated in the body is flushed out, which makes the skin look healthier. Bruising, oedema, and dark circles under the eyes disappear, and the skin regains its lustre.

Our dietician will help prepare a suitable cleanse program after ordering blood and urine tests necessary to make sure there are no contraindications to starting the diet.

Possible contraindications to a cleansing diet include:

  • pregnancy
  • breastfeeding
  • cancer
  • transplanted organs
  • overactive thyroid
  • tuberculosis
  • severe depression
  • acute organ failure
  • very young age (it is not recommended for small children).