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Healthy eating habits for your child

Healthy eating habits for your child Croydon

Healthy eating has a tremendous influence on the proper development of children – both physical and mental. Let us keep in mind that good eating habits are an investment in their future – they prevent obesity and any subsequent diseases which might stem from it.

how to start healthy eating habits for your child in Croydon

Meals which our children consume should include proper amounts of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Their menu should be based on the principles of healthy eating represented in the food pyramid. An accurately composed menu should include wholegrain products which provide the organism with complex carbohydrates, as well as plant oils high in fatty acids. It is recommended to serve vegetables and fruit 2 or 3 times a day, together with nuts and beans. Protein products such as fish, lean poultry, eggs and dairy are also very important. On the other hand, sweets, salty snacks and white bread should be offered sparingly (e.g. once a week) and, if possible, replaced by home-made biscuits or ice-cream. Fast food should be almost eliminated from the menu.

Top Medical Clinic Croydon offers consultations for children over 5, which include analysing their eating habits and composing an individual balanced food plan.