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Diathermy palatoplasty (only in Croydon branch)

Diathermy palatoplasty Croydon

Palatoplasty is performed in case of overgrown long palate and/or long uvula. Such abnormality makes the palate much more likely to lower during sleep and thereby narrow the opening from the nose into the throat. As it dangles, it acts as a noisy flutter valve during relaxed breathing which results in snoring.

How diathermy palatoplasty in Croydon can help?

Indications for the procedure include:

  • snoring and sleep apnea
  • difficulty in breathing through the nose
  • chronic inflammation within the sinuses, throat or larynx

What are the contraindications for the procedure?

  • taking blood thinning medications
  • severe cases of purpura
  • bad general condition
  • active respiratory tract infection
  • allergy to anaesthetics

What does the procedure look like?

The procedure itself lasts about 30 minutes and is performed in the office under local anaesthesia. Electrodes inserted into the soft palate emit radiofrequency waves of particular length to cause coagulation in parts of the overgrown soft palate. Coagulation results in microscarring of soft palate tissue, which in turn leads to its shrinking and stiffening. The procedure of injecting the electrode into the tissue is repeated 2-4 times.

What are the post-treatment recommendations?

For the first few weeks after the diathermy palatoplasty in Croydon the patient should stick to a special diet - for the first few days, they should have liquid or semi-liquid meals. They should also refrain from hot, spicy or sour dishes. In case of pain or discomfort, the patient may take oral pailkillers. The healing process lasts for about 2 months.