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Meridian Stretch Massage

Meridian Stretch Massage Croydon

This type of massage is based on Chinese acupressure, Korean meridian massage and the Japanese technique of shiatsu.

How Meridian Stretch Massage in Croydon works?

The massage is performed on the whole body in order to regenerate and rejuvenate meridians/muscles. Finger pressure is applied on specific meridians in order to stretch them.

Meridian stretch massage can be performed with your clothes on or directly on the skin. Techniques used by the therapist and the intensity of the applied pressure match the natural rhythm of breath.

The aim of the massage is to stimulate meridians through stretching and stimulating acupressure points, which facilitates better energy flow. Benefits of meridian stretch massage:

  • whole body relaxation
  • getting rid of muscle tension
  • improving blood circulation
  • relieving pain in muscles and joints
  • stimulating energy in the whole organism
  • general well-being