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Sports Massage

Sports Massage Croydon

Sports massage is dedicated for people doing sports on a regular basis. Its techniques are similar to the ones in classical massage, but they are more energetic and intense.

How Sports Massage in Croydon works?

The aim of the massage is to prevent pathological changes which might occur due to prolonged strain on muscles and joints. Sports massage may serve the following functions:

  • warming up (prepares for training or competition)
  • regenerating (helping the body to recover after a major effort)
  • medical (facilitates injury treatment)

Benefits which sports massage can bring for athletes are:

  • increasing range of motion and muscle flexibility, so that it becomes easier for an athlete to build physical performance
  • improving blood circulation and warming up the massaged area
  • better oxygenation and tissue metabolism, faster exchange of nutrients between blood and cells
  • faster recovery after a sports injury
  • shorter regeneration time between training sessions, removing toxins from the body and restoring muscles to their full performance
  • improving the functioning of the nervous system; energizing or relaxing the patient – depending on the training cycle
  • preventing and treating sport injuries