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    Paediatric Neurology Description

    Paedtriatric Neurology Croydon

    Neurology is a branch of medicine that deals with diseases of the peripheral and central nervous systems, i.e., the brain and spinal cord. The neurologist is therefore helpful in studying the causes and treatment of headaches and abnormalities caused by the brain (e.g., problems with speech, vision, balance, or coordination).

    Our clinic offers the following medical services of Paedtriatric Neurology in Croydon:

    • Developmental evaluation and neurological assessment of infants, especially after labour complications
    • Cranial ultrasound in infants
    • Diagnostics of seizure disorders (loss of consciousness, breath holding spells, etc.), febrile seizures and epilepsy in children
    • Diagnostics and treatment of headaches, migraines etc. in children
    • Diagnostics and treatment of tics
    • Diagnostics and treatment of bedwetting
    • Diagnostics and treatment of hyperactivity and problems with learning, ADHD
    • Early diagnostics of autism spectrum disorders in children of 1 and older
    • Qualifying children with neurological conditions for preventive vaccinations

    GP focused on paediatric neurology Dr Jaroslaw Pojda Croydon

  • Initial consultation


    Up to 40 minutes

  • Initial consultation with cranial ultrasound scan


    Up to 60 minutes

  • Follow-up consultation


    Up to 30 minutes

  • Follow-up consultation with cranial ultrasound scan


    Up to 40 minutes