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    Psychotherapy Description

    Psychotherapy Croydon

    If you feel you are going through a difficult period or you need to improve your current frame of mind and quality of life, you might be in need of objective and professional guidance. Together we will look for solutions leading to a more conscious, meaningful life.

    How Psychotherapy in Croydon can help?

    In Top Medical Clinic we offer individual therapy as well as couples counselling. Your first meeting with our psychotherapist is usually in the form of a short conversation which makes it possible for you and the therapist to establish the problem and the goal of the therapy. It is up to you to determine regularity, manner and duration of sessions.

    We offer diagnostics and treament of such mental disorders as: addiction, depression, phobia, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, behavioural and personality disorders of various kind and origin, as well as eating, sleeping and emotional disorders.

    What to expect after regular sessions od Psychotherapy?

    • improved quality of life,
    • discovering your needs, emotions, new ways of building proper relations with other people,
    • positive change in thinking,
    • techniques of dealing with anxiety,
    • taking more control of your life,
    • improved self-esteem,
    • personality integration.

    Remember! The effects of psychotherapy are not momentary but long-lasting – any change you introduce in your psychological processes will enable their future, independent development even after your therapy is over.

    A good psychotherapist can help you cure your soul.


  • Skype Consultation


    (60 min)

  • Individual Consultation



  • Individual Consultation



  • Family Consultation


    (50 min )

  • Family Consultation



  • First consultation - always 90 min