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Dr Elzbieta Pyrkosz-Cifonelli




Dr Pyrkosz-Cifonelli has 32 years of experience as a specialist in internal medicine, both in Poland and Great Britain, including 16 years of work as a cardiology consultant and 5 years as a geriatrics consultant. For more than 20 years she has been performing and interpreting abdominal ultrasound scans. She has been certified by the Polish Ultrasound Society.

Throughout her professional career Dr Pyrkosz-Cifonelli has worked in hospitals, a private clinic, and in an invasive cardiology department as a non-invasive cardiologist. She performs and interprets ECG and echocardiography (heart ultrasound), providing both Polish and English examination reports. She also interprets a 24-hour blood pressure monitor test. Dr Pyrkosz-Cifonelli diagnoses and treats conditions such as chest pain, hypertension, arrhythmia, heart failure, and heart defects in adults.

Dr Pyrkosz-Cifonelli has worked as a geriatrics consultant in Great Britain for 10 years . She closely cooperated with orthopaedists and surgeons preparing elderly patients for orthopaedic and general surgeries, as well as supervising rehabilitation process after such surgeries. She also treated cardiologic and internal complications in patients from this age group. She described her many experiences from this period of her professional life as an author and co-author of chapters in medical textbooks: Road Signs in Geriatric Medicine – PZWL, 2021, and Life-threatening Conditions in Personal Injuries – PZWL, 2018. During her work at the clinic as a geriatrics consultant she offered treatment and care in conditions such as: osteoporosis, identifying causes of balance problems in elderly patients, diagnosis and treatment of memory disorders. She also provided cardiologic and internal care to patients from this age group.

For the last few years Dr Pyrkosz-Cifonelli has been offering her expertise as an internal medicine and cardiology consultant in Polish clinics in London and Croydon.

In our clinic she provides adult patients with consultations and treatment in the fields of geriatrics, cardiology and internal medicine. She performs and interprets abdominal ultrasound, echocardiography and ECG exams.

As a physician with many years of professional experience she puts great emphasis on preventive care and that is why each consultation with Dr Pyrkosz-Cifonelli includes a fair amount of information about prophylaxis. Good relations with patients are very important for her, since their health is her priority.