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Dr Ivo Donkov


Dr Ivo Donkov is a highly-experienced Consultant Urologist in London. He works at Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust and West Middlesex University Hospital. He has a broad spectrum of trainings and qualifications in Urology from Bulgaria, UK, Belgium and USA. He has been a leading academic urologist at Alexander’s University Hospital, Medical University Sofia, Bulgaria, and holds a professorship entitlement since 2014.

Mr Ivo Donkov has expertise in general urology and in diagnostics and management of:

  • diseases of prostate, testes and penis, including penile curvatures and tight foreskin(phimosis)
  • diseases of urethra, kidneys and bladder in men and women
  • andrology problems – erectile dysfunctions and fertility issues
  • problems and difficulties in micturition and incontinence
  • problems related to haematuria (blood in the urine) and haematospermia ( blood in semen)

Dr Donkov is a fluent speaker of English and Bulgarian.

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