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Dr Malgorzata Kolodziejczak


She received the title of specialist in Gynaecology and Obstetrics while working at the Clinical University Hospital, where she built up her professional expertise and developed interest in the field of gynaecology. She emphasizes that caring for the health of all women, from young girls to mature women, is not only her calling but also a privilege. Dr Kolodziejczak knew she would be a doctor when she was a little girl, and since that time she consequently and ambitiously pursued her goal, which she finally reached in 2002 when she obtained the title of a medical doctor. Apart from professional knowledge and skills necessary for both basic and specialised treatment of women at every age, she shows great empathy and genuine female intuition. A combination of these qualities makes her patients feel safe and cared for. Privately Dr Kolodziejczak is a loving mom, spending every possible moment with her son.

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