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Dr Kalina Mencheva


Dr Kalina Mencheva is a consultant in Otorhinolaryngology with experience both in paediatric and adult pathology. She graduated from Medical faculty of Trakia University, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria in 2013 and completed her training in Otorhinolaryngology in Medical University Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria. In 2019 she gained her speciality in ENT.

During her career, Dr Mencheva has worked four years in an in-patient setting in a major university hospital with focus on surgical treatment and oncology, assisting and performing multiple minor and major operative procedures. She also has experience in out-patient setting, working in a private clinic managing acute and chronic diseases, both in children and adults.

Dr Mencheva has special interest in FESS, rhinology and sleep medicine. She has completed numerous practical courses, including hands-on sleep apnea surgery course held in Florida, USA in 2018; FESS – pansinus surgery and dacryocystorhinostomy dissection course held in Bulgaria in 2018 and FESS - pansinus surgery and approach to pterygopalatine fossa course held in Prague, Czechia in 2015.

Dr Kalina Mencheva has been practicing medicine in the UK since 2019 and her major focus in the last two years has been clinical research. She has conducted more than 15 different clinical trials as an investigator in one of UK’s largest clinical trial companies.

Dr Mencheva is a member of various national and international ENT and respiratory societies, including Bulgarian rhinologic society, European respiratory society, European academy of allergy and clinical immunology. She is fluent in Bulgarian and English and has a good command of Russian.

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