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Piotr Nowak


Piotr Nowak graduated from Psychology at the University of Finance and Management in Warsaw, where he majored in Clinical and Forensic Sexology. He was the first person in Poland to write a master’s thesis paper on ‘Emotional Intelligence of Singles’ under the supervision of a renowned Polish sexologist - Prof. Zbigniew Lew-Starowicz.

He gained his vast professional experience both in United Kingdom and Poland. He attended numerous training courses of psychology and sexology at Post-Diploma Medical Education Centre in Warsaw. Piotr Nowak is also a member of the Polish Psychologists’ Association in London. In our clinic, Piotr Nowak provides his patients with help in the following areas:

  • therapy of marital conflicts;
  • therapy of sexual disorders in men and women;
  • psychoeducation;
  • sexual education of children and teenagers;
  • sexual education of adults;
  • personal coaching;
  • marital help in pre-divorce or divorce situations;
  • therapy of same sex couples.
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