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Dr Magdalena Pogwizd



Dr Magdalena Pogwizd graduated from the Medical Academy of Silesia in Katowice. She gained her clinical experience and further professional education at University Hospital in Krakow. For many years she worked at the Clinical Department of the Endocrinology Clinic, where she completed a specialist training in internal diseases and endocrinology. Dr Magdalena Pogwizd obtained specialization in internal diseases in 2010, and a specialization in endocrinology in 2015.

Her main areas of interest are thyroid diseases. She received a PhD degree for a dissertation on the use of radioiodine in hyperthyroidism (Jagiellonian University Medical College). Apart from more than ten years of experience working in Polish healthcare system, Dr Pogwizd has further expanded her qualifications working for NHS at a Diabetes and Endocrinology Department.

Dr Pogwizd offers diagnostics and treatment of the following conditions:

  • thyroid disorders (hyperthyroidism / hypothyroidism / thyroid cancer / nodules);
  • parathyroid gland disorders, calcium homeostasis disorders;
  • pituitary gland disorders;
  • adrenal gland disorders;
  • menstrual disorders, polycystic ovary syndrome, hirsutism in women;
  • low testosterone in men;
  • hormonal disorders affecting fertility in women and men;
  • osteoporosis, vitamin D deficit;
  • type 1 and 2 diabetes;
  • endocrine disorders in pregnancy

Dr Magdalena Pogwizd can perform a thyroid ultrasound during the visit.