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Dr Dominika Przygocka


Dr Przygocka cooperates with numerous specialists, offering services of the highest quality for both NHS and private health care providers. In her practice she uses mainly self ligating brackets from American Orthodontics and the cutting-edge Damon system.

She continually broadens her knowledge by actively participating in international courses and symposia devoted to orthodontics. In the summer of 2019 she had an opportunity to take part in the European Carriere Symposium in Barcelona, where she was able to learn about the latest orthodontic procedures presented by specialists from around the world.

Dr Dominika Przygocka is also a representative of Invisalign – the best and longest operating system of aligners used in patients of all age groups. Her priority is to provide orthodontic services in a friendly and welcoming environment, as well as to build relationships with her patients built on care and trust. She always strives to deliver the effect desired by the patient – both aesthetic and functional – in the fastest possible time.