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Aneta Sieradzka


A graduate of London South Bank University in London, Faculty of Psychology. She gained her experience and knowledge both in England and Poland. Ms. Aneta expanded her qualifications by participating in various types of courses. In working with clients, she uses CBT (cognitive-behavioural therapy), integrative therapy, body work, relaxation techniques, breathing techniques, mindfulness meditation, and knowledge of neuropsychology. She is registered with the British Psychologist Society (British Psychological Association No. 496224) as a Chartered Member (GBC), and BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy No. 00974969). She gained experience working with people in private practises and in a school clinic.

She is currently in the process of certification at Middlesex University in London (MSC Psychological Therapies & Interventions)

Consultation scope:

  • Individual therapy, couples and children therapy;
  • Development of self-awareness, personality building, emotional knowledge, self-acceptance;
  • Marital crises, learning the language of communication in the family, partnership, everyday life;
  • Support and counselling related to the development and development problems of a child;
  • Depression, phobias, anorexia, anxiety;
  • Personality disorders, panic attacks;
  • Trauma release and its integration;
  • Adaptation difficulties at work, school, new place of residence, loneliness, separation;
  • Coping with emotions, stress in everyday life.

Psychological counselling and psychotherapy that Ms. Sieradzka offers are intended for people who cannot cope with everyday life in every aspect of life. During the therapeutic session, the psychologist shares her knowledge with the greatest care for people, gives great support, indicates solutions, and changes the view on situations, events and problems. As Albert Einstein said, "We cannot solve problems using the same thought pattern that we were using when they arose."

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