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Dr Anna Wisniewska


nna Wisniewska graduated with honours from the Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry in 1992. During her professional career she searched for a branch of dentistry that would be “closest to her heart” and after several years she concluded that taking care of dental patients from their youngest years to old age offers her the greatest satisfaction and lets her use her potential to the fullest. While she was still “defining” herself as a dentist, she was continuously expanding her knowledge about the latest techniques and materials available in dentistry by taking part in numerous trainings and workshops, national and international. She was a consultant and actively cooperated with Dr Bogumiła Cyrulik on her PhD dissertation devoted to the relation between temporomandibular joints and posture (axiality). This collaboration marked a new beginning in her understanding of dentistry as a part of medicine, and gave her a new perspective on the influence of the dentist’s work on the patient’s well-being, stemming not only from a perfect prosthetic reconstruction of their smile. She regards her patients’ satisfaction and meeting their expectations as the most important aspect of her work. Her priority is dentistry based on thorough knowledge not only from the field of dental care but also the functioning of the whole organism. Such holistic approach is especially important when diagnosing and treating patients with unusually high expectations towards their dentist.

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