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Dr Malgorzata Beata Wisniewska

Aesthetic Medicine


Dr Malgorzata Beata Wisniewska is a paediatrician whose individual approach to each young patient makes her very efficient in taking care of children’s health from the moment they are born until they reach adulthood. She graduated from the Medical Academy of Warsaw. Having spent considerable amount of time broadening her knowledge of Paediatrics and Neonatology, she obtained second degree specialization in Paediatrics in 1997. After that, Dr Wisniewska started work as the head of a paediatric and neonatal ward, and an out-patient clinic consultant. She has many years of experience working both in out-patient and in-patient health care. Since 2006 she worked at an infant ward in Spain, and finally moved to England in 2015 to continue her medical career. It should be recognized that in spite of her professional achievements she still takes part in regular paediatric training courses, constantly raising her astounding medical qualifications. As a paediatrician in Top Medical Clinic Dr Wisniewska is involved in:

  • full child diagnostics from infancy to the age of 18;
  • treating newborns with significant perinatal history;
  • qualifying for vaccinations;
  • routine health checks;
  • elements of ENT diagnostics;
  • helping children with allergy, atopic dermatitis and asthma;
  • diagnostics and treatment of acute and chronic urinary tract diseases.

Dr Malgorzata Wisniewska has finished a postgraduate programme in Aesthetic Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine and Nursing at the Cordoba University in Spain. Thanks to her thorough education and experience she has gained necessary qualifications to perform aesthetic procedures. Aesthetic medicine services offered by Dr Wisniewska:

  • professional advice on the choice of procedure;
  • botulinum toxin injections for the reduction of facial wrinkles as well as excessive sweating of palms and armpits;
  • dermal fillers (experience with many types of fillers such as hyaluronic acid, polycaprolactone, calcium hydroxyapatite);
  • face modelling;
  • nose and chin reshaping;
  • lip enhancement;
  • chemical peel;
  • fine needle mesotherapy;
  • lypolisis with the use of phosphatidylcholine and other agents for the reduction of fatty deposits;
  • PDO threads;
  • collagen and elastin biostimulators.

Active participation in annual aesthetic medicine conferences all over Europe and advanced aesthetic medicine training courses, gives Dr Wisniewska a chance to learn about new techniques and products.

Dr Wisniewska speaks Polish, English and Spanish.