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Cavitation peeling

Cavitation peeling {London}{Birmingham}{Croydon}

Nowadays most of us are so busy that our daily skincare routine is limited to makeup removal and moisturising. We should, however, remember that we won’t achieve healthy and glowing skin without exfoliation. In Top Medical Clinic, we offer a professional exfoliating treatment in the form of cavitation peeling.

What is cavitation peeling in {London}{Birmingham}{Croydon}?

Cavitation peeling is performed with a device emitting ultrasonic vibrations which, when directed on wet skin, has the effect of cavitation. Water sprayed on the skin produces microscopic bubbles filled with thin gas, which suddenly burst under the influence of ultrasonic vibrations. As a result, the breakdown of dead cells occurs and a young skin layer is exposed, free of excess bacteria, tallow or toxic substances.

What are the indications for cavitation peeling?

Every person should include exfoliation to their skincare routine and cavitation peeling is suitable for every skin type. It is a great non-invasive cleansing treatment for oily skin and for skin prone to pimples, acne. It is also highly recommended for skin which can’t undergo manual facial cleansing because it is too prone to irritations; for skin that is very sensitive, delicate, and thin with dilapidated vessels. Try cavitation peeling in {London}{Birmingham}{Croydon} today!

Cavitation peeling is also performed to prepare the skin for some other facial treatments because it opens up the skin pores and facilitates the absorption of vitamins, minerals and other active substances into the deeper layers of the skin.

What are the contraindications to the treatment?

  • pregnancy
  • cancer
  • the presence of metal foreign bodies (e.g. cardiac pacemaker)
  • inflammation
  • thrombophlebitis
  • osteoporosis

How is the cavitation peeling in {London}{Birmingham}{Croydon} performed?

First, the cosmetologist removes make-up and cleans the skin with a disinfecting solution. Next, after serum is applied on the skin, the cosmetologist gently removes dead surface skin cells with a hydrasonic hand-piece, equipped with a flat stainless-steel tip. The treatment is painless; the vibrations the patient feels resemble face massage with an electric toothbrush. The procedure ends with a micro-massage and the application of a moisturizing mask. The skin might be red after the treatment but it will pass after a day.

What are the benefits and effects of the treatment?

  • the treatment is safe and painless
  • no side effects
  • suitable for every skin type
  • removes sebum, dead skin cells and blackheads
  • improves the look of scars
  • regenerates and deeply exfoliates the skin
  • unblocks pores
  • improves microcirculation
  • evens skin tone
  • stimulates collagen production

What are the post-treatment recommendations?

For three weeks after the treatment, it is recommended to protect the skin against excessive sun and use sunscreen.

How often should one undergo the treatment?

For people with normal skin, cavitation peeling can be performed once a year to sustain the effect of healthy, glowing skin. Patients with problematic skin should undergo the peeling once a week for the period of a few weeks (it’s worth to consult our cosmetologist).