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    Cardiology Description

    Cardiology London

    Taking care of one's heart is a long-term task. Cardiovascular disorders still remain one of the most severe civilisation diseases of the contemporary world. Do not belittle any alarming symptoms and book an appointment with a cardiologist in London! Sedentary lifestyle, stress, unhealthy diet and constant time pressure have a deteriorating effect on the condition of our heart and vessels, which in turn might lead to the development of many dangerous disorders.

    Proper heart care shows your awareness and understanding of what precious gifts life and health are.

    Specialists of cardiology in London

    We recommend visiting our cardiology surgery, where we provide specialist consultation for adults. Our cardiologist is a highly skilled practitioner with many years of clinical and academic experience gained in renowned facilities in the country and abroad.

    There can be no doubt that we will be able to meet your expectations regarding the quality of our services as well as individual approach to each patient, filled with respect and kindness. Your appointment will take place in comfortable and quiet atmosphere, and you can be sure of our full involvement in the course of your treatment.

    Don’t forget about your heart and make an appointment with the best specialist from Top Medical Clinic Isleworth today!


  • Consultation

  • Consultation with ECG (electrocardiography)

  • Consultation with heart ultrasound (echocardiography)

  • Consultation with ECG (electrocardiography) and heart ultrasound (echocardiography)

  • BP holter 24h

  • BP holter 48h

  • Holter ECG 1 day

  • Holter ECG 2 days

  • Holter ECG 3 days

  • Holter ECG 4 days

  • Holter ECG 5 days

  • Holter ECG 6 days

  • Holter ECG 7 days

  • Holter ECG 8 days

  • Holter ECG 9 days

  • Holter ECG 10 days

  • Holter ECG 11 days

  • Holter ECG 12 days

  • Holter ECG 13 days

  • Holter ECG 14 days