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    Dental Radiology Description

    Dental Radiology in London

    In order to ensure that our patients receive treatments with maximum comfort and precision, we have equipped our clinic with digital laboratory of diagnostic imaging.

    Dental Radiology London Offer

    We offer the following X-ray pictures:

    SINGLE TOOTH - the objective is to accurately show a tooth and the supporting structures. This type of an X-ray is used in all branches of dentistry. Often taken to detect caries or inflammations in conservative dentistry, it is also indispensable during and after root canal treatment as well as in assessing the degree of implant osseointegration. Single tooth pictures give most information about the state of individual teeth, and are characterized by the highest precision in representing the details.

    At Top Medical Clinic Isleworth we use a hi-tech intraoral imaging system manufactured by Gendex Dental Systems (USA) that makes it possible for the photos to be taken inside the dentist’s office, with no need for the patient to leave the chair. Moreover, the digital imaging allows an immediate interpretation of the X-ray on the dentist’s monitor, while the dose of ionizing radiation is lowered by 70 percent.

    PANTOMOGRAPHIC(panoramic X-ray, “panorama”) - it is used to show the state of the patient’s entire dentition (including temporomandibular joints and maxillary sinuses) in a single picture. Although a pantomographic photo is not as accurate as a single tooth picture, it enables a complete assessment of a person’s teeth, which explains its usefulness in the diagnostic process, planning the treatment and examining its results. A pantomographic X-ray is necessary for example before starting orthodontic treatment or extracting impacted teeth. In implantology, it helps estimate the amount of healthy bone and choose the spot to attach an implant to. This type of photo is also very useful in detecting and examining gum diseases, or during a prosthodontic treatment, where it helps plan the work and select appropriate types of prosthetics. Furthermore, this kind of image is required prior to certain surgeries not involving the oral cavity, such as heart operations or transplantations, to rule out any existing inflammation

    Other advantages of the pantomographic X-ray

    • patient’s comfort: no gag reflex, painlessness;
    • can be used on patients unable to open their mouths;
    • can be used on children;
    • safe for pregnant women;
    • intelligibility of the obtained image for the patient

    In our clinic in London we use one of the most advanced and accurate pantomographic imaging systems currently available.

    Pantomograph from VATECH Dental Manufacturing:

    • ensures the highest picture quality;
    • utilizes a system of spine shadow elimination, which ensures a very precise visualization of the lower jaw. This is the only solution in the world right now that guarantees no spine shadow in all pantomographic photos. Unlike other systems, Pax-i eliminates spine shadows through the use of complex projection (radiation does not penetrate the spine).
    • limits the dose of X-rays to the minimum necessary;
    • individually tailors the imaging layers to a specific patient’s anatomy

    Dental Radiology Isleworth

  • Single tooth X-RAY


    during treatment - free

  • Single tooth X-ray


    single tooth X-ray without continuation of treatment

  • Pantomographic (panoramic X-ray ''panorama'', OPG, PTG)


    with referral letter

  • Consultation plus pantomographic (panoramic X-ray ''panorama'', OPG, PTG)


    without referral letter