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Dental implantology London

Implantology is a modern branch of dentistry dedicated to rebuilding missing teeth on titanium screws which replace the teeth’s roots. Dental implants are a way to permanently recreate missing teeth. It is the most advantageous, modern and entirely safe solution which does not conceal missing teeth but actually recreates wholly functional beautiful teeth. Prosthetic elements based on titanium implants guarantee a very good aesthetic effect and proper recreation of masticatory function. Thanks to modern technology, the surface of titanium screws is modified on a microscopic level to such an extent that it resembles human collagen, making implants perfectly tolerated by our organism. If you have any questions, contact specialists of dental implantologgy in London.

What does oral implantology look like?

The procedure of inserting an implant is done under local anaesthesia and is not painful. When one implant is placed, the healing might take between 2 and 9 months. The screw is stitched which speeds up the process of osseointegration. Then, a healing abutment is placed on the dental implant, and the last step of the procedure is installing the crown. In Top Medical Clinic we use the LEONE implant systems from a renowned Italian manufacturer. What makes the systems unique is the absence of the abutment screw, which warrants exceptional mechanical stability, total absence of micro movements, a perfect bacterial seal, and an optimal distribution of masticatory forces.

Implantology in London - Top Medical Clinic

Our clinic offers the highest quality equipment, quality implants and quick replacement of lost teeth. Implants are durable and stable solutions that give you the natural smile you dream about. During the procedure, implants are placed in the upper jaw or lower jaw bone, where over time, they fuse with the bone tissue to form a solid base for crowns, bridges or dentures. For the dentist, implantology is an advanced treatment method that requires precision and in-depth knowledge of surgery and prosthetics. With implantology in Isleworth, dentists can offer patients comprehensive care and durable and functional solutions to replace missing teeth. See how beautiful jewellery a beautiful smile will become if you take care of it under the supervision of dental implantology specialists from Top Medical Clinic. Make an appointment for your first visit and take the first step towards beautiful teeth!