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    Endermologie Description

    Endermologie London

    Endermologie is a deep massage therapy treatment that targets cellulite. It is performed with the use of a special roller which kneads the skin and sucks up the soft tissue at the same time. The manipulation of the skin is not only a way to treat cellulite, but also a way to increase blood flow and pull excess water from the body.

    Cellulite is natural fat stored by the body in pockets located mostly around thighs, stomach, and buttocks. Cellulite causes dimplings and bumps commonly referred to as “orange peel skin” or “cottage cheese”. It is mostly shown in women and less in man. Around 90% of women have some cellulite in most common areas. Although cellulite is not a disease, it may worsen the appearance of the skin.

    Benefits of Endermologie in London

    • It helps reduce cellulite and fat tissue;
    • Non-surgical alternative for liposuction;
    • Leaves skin smooth and tight;
    • Reduced visibility of scars, burns and stretch marks;
    • Reshaped buttocks, thighs and abdomen;
    • Reshaped body after pregnancy.

    For hygienic purposes, patients will have to wear a special body suit which is available, for a small fee, to patients who would like to undergo a course of treatments. To achieve visible results, it is recommended for a patient to undergo 10-15 treatments (35 minutes each) with a 3-4 day interval between the treatments. To maintain the achieved results, it is recommended to come back for a treatment every 4-5 weeks. If you have more questions about Endermologie in Isleworth, contact us!


  • Face - 1 treatment

  • Full body - 1 treatment


    additional charge for suit for treatment £10

  • Full body - package of 5 treatments


    treatment outfit included in the price of the treatment

  • Full body - package of 10 treatments


    treatment outfit included in the price of the treatment