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    Facial massage: Hanna Matuszak

  • Kobido massage


    This is a Japanese facial massage, which is sometimes described as a non-surgical face lift. It is an intensive massage of deep tissues, which in a natural, non-invasive way allows for a significant rejuvenation of the face. We achieve this by smoothing wrinkles, improving the face oval and skin texture, making it an alternative to surgical and invasive aesthetic medicine procedures.

  • Kobido Premium massage


    The combination of Kobido lifting massage with professional care matched to the needs of the skin gives a spectacular effect of refreshing and nourishing the skin, beyond what is offered by the classic Kobido massage. Spectacular effects are achieved thanks to the initial skin refreshment through peeling (cavitation or chemical). Then a Kobido massage is performed with the use of an ampoule containing concentrated substances matched to the skin's needs. After the massage, the skin is pampered with a mask selected for the type of skin.

  • Kinesiotaping (addition to Kobido massage)


    It is a method of using flexible plasters derived from physiotherapy, which is widely used in improving the effectiveness of all manual methods. By using kinesiotaping after Kobido massage, we strengthen the manually developed effect, making it more durable and more spectacular. Tape applications are selected individually, depending on the needs.

  • Chinese bubble massage


    Chinese cupping uses vacuum skin suction, thanks to which we get immediate stimulation of blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. In this way, we achieve the reduction of wrinkles and furrows, relaxation of tense muscles and improvement of the skin condition and its thickening. The procedure consists of 4 stages: - initial massage to prepare the skin - lymphatic drainage - lifting massage - wrinkle "ironing’’

  • Facelift


    FaceLift is a treatment with a deep therapeutic, corrective and rejuvenating effect, which is a combination of many advanced facial therapy techniques by Marie Margo. It allows you to rejuvenate the face by up to 10-15 years, it gives such spectacular effects due to the fact that the tissues rebuild their proper structure and become more flexible.

  • Therapeutic Facelift


    Manual facial therapy based on Marie Margo's proprietary techniques, addressed to the needs of people with problems within the temporomandibular joint, tension headaches and generally with tension in the neck and surrounding area. The treatment has a deep therapeutic effect thanks to the development of tissues on all layers of the cleavage, neck, nape, head and transbuccal massage (intraoral massage). This treatment can be used for both therapeutic and preventive purposes with: tension headaches, migraines, improves cerebral blood circulation; bruxism, temporomandibular joint problems; swelling of the face and head; deepened cervical lordosis, degeneration in the cervical spine; psychosomatic stresses; periodontal disease; The duration of the procedure is 60 minutes.