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Laboratory Tests London

Nowadays, laboratory testing is the foundation of diagnostics and treatment monitoring. An experienced practitioner can recognize up to 90% of diseases on the basis of a detailed medical history, physical examination and good interpretation of laboratory test results. In one in every three cases, the correct diagnosis is a result of laboratory tests, since almost every disease manifests itself in blood and urine. Analysing just a drop of blood or urine might sometimes provide more information about the patient’s health than complicated examinations.

In Top Medical Clinic Isleworth, our modern treatment room is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for collecting samples and conducting tests. We have created comfortable conditions and peaceful atmosphere where our friendly team of highly-qualified and experienced medical staff keeps the stress that might accompany your visit as low as possible, even for our youngest patients.

What laboratory tests in London are available

We have the following tests in our offer:

  • marking sex hormones
  • tumour markers
  • urinalysis
  • stool analysis
  • microbiology tests (swabs) – tests results are available in 72 hours
  • screening for viral hepatitis
  • sexual health screening
  • over 5000 individual diagnostic tests (please ask at the reception for tests not included in the price list)