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    Orthodontics Description

    Orthodontics in London

    Are you looking for an orthodontist in London? Do you need to have braces put on? In Top Medical Clinic you will find true experts in this field. Make an appointment and go through your life with a smile on your face! Orthodontics is a field of dentistry which deals with the correction of malpositioned teeth and jaws, and safeguards good condition of teeth, periodontium and temporomandibular joint, while serving general well-being through bringing back the beauty of smile.

    Professional Private Orthodontist in London

    Our surgery is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment devices. We employ only the latest and most reliable treatment methods that guarantee our patients a healthy and attractive smile. Malocclusions together with other types of dental defects make teeth more difficult to clean, which, due to the development of tooth decay and periodontal diseases, leads to numerous complications, including tooth loss. In Top Medical Clinic every patient receives an individual treatment plan specifying the type of malocclusion, suggested dental appliance and a list of particular treatment steps.

    In Top Medical Clinic Isleworth we can offer you a healthy, beautiful and lasting smile!

    Nowadays, thanks to modern orthodontic technology, we can choose from a wide range of orthodontic brackets such as:

    • metal brackets
    • ceramic brackets
    • lingual brackets (placed on the back side of teeth)
    • self-ligating brackets (with special clips). It is important to remember that brackets are the most important element of fixed orthodontic braces. Attached to the surface of teeth by means of special glue, they have a horizontal slot where the orthodontic archwire (by patients commonly referred to as a wire), which connects brackets, is placed. The arch is joined with the brackets using colourful elastic rubber bands or metal ligatures. If you have any questions, contact our orthodontic specialists in Isleworth.

    Ceramic brackets

    It is especially important for adult patients that their treatment, apart from being efficient, is as inconspicuous as possible.

    Ceramic brackets are placed individually on every tooth. The teeth are moved thanks to the archwires, with a little bit of pressure.

    Except for their evident advantage of blending in with patient’s teeth, ceramic brackets have their downsides. They are: higher price, less durability, and the possibility of discolouration of the transparent elastics or ligatures. Keeping that in mind, staining products such as spices, coffee, tea or cigarettes should be avoided or entirely cut out from the diet during the treatment.

    Metal brackets

    Traditional metal brackets are the most popular ones due to their price and a wide spectrum of use. They can be attached to the front (labial) side of teeth.

    There are different types of metal brackets: regular, self-ligating and lingual (placed on the back side of teeth). Depending on the chosen system, brackets can be made of materials such as steel, titanium or gold.

    Their undisputed advantage is their durability. That is why they can be used to treat many different malocclusions. However, their disadvantage is their visibility.

    Self-ligating braces / Damon braces

    Unlike traditional metal brackets, which use ligatures to hold wires, self-ligating brackets have special clips which make it easier for teeth to move. Such brackets are smaller than the traditional ones, and make maintaining proper hygiene easier.

    However, self-ligating brackets, due to their complex structure, are more costly. It should also be kept in mind that tartar which builds up on the surface of teeth might cause technical problems during treatment and affect how the functioning of the brackets.

    Lingual brackets

    Lingual brackets are attached to the back side of teeth (lingual inside). Unfortunately, they cannot be used to treat all kinds of malocclusion. They also take up more space in the mouth compared to the brackets placed on the labial side of teeth. Their great advantage is that they are virtually invisible.


    An alternative to traditional braces is the Invisalign system, offered in our Clinic, which consists of a set of thin, transparent plastic aligners. This means Invisalign does not use any brackets or metal archwires. It is a system ideal for those who want their orthodontic treatment to be discreet and not to affect their appearance.

    Aligners are custom-made using 3D technology. Each set should be changed for a newly made aligner every two weeks, and, for the treatment to be effective, should be worn at least 22 hours per day. They are very aesthetic and inconspicuous.

    Orthodontic London - mini implants (TADs)

    Orthodontic implants provide extra anchor points, often required to control tooth movement. These additional anchor points might be especially problematic to obtain in adult patients with numerous missing teeth. Orthodontic implants are made of biocompatible material such as titanium alloy or surgical stainless steel. Due to their small size they can be easily and painlessly placed in many parts of the jaw and mandible.

    Orthodontic treatment of children in Isleworth

    Orthodontic consultation of children in London allows for early detection of a potential problem and, consequently, more effective treatment. Braces most commonly used in the treatment of children are mainly removable braces, such as Twin Block and Hyrax.

    Removable braces / twin block functional appliances

    Removable braces are generally used in treating malocclusions in children. Early treatment can in many cases prevent damage to upper front teeth. That is why removable braces are widely used in the treatment of overbite with protruding maxillary incisors. Such braces are made individually for each patient. They can be easily removed before eating or brushing your teeth. This type of braces oftentimes helps to avoid extraction.


    Hyrax is an orthodontic appliance used to widen the upper jaw (maxilla) in children. It is custom-made and initially requires a follow-up visit every two weeks.

    Orthodoncy Dr Dominika Przygocka


  • Consultation

  • Full diagnostics + 3D models

  • Braces

  • Fixed self-ligating metal braces Empower 2SL (cost per arch)

  • Fixed self-ligating braces Esthetic Empower Clear (cost per arch)

  • Damon self-ligating metal braces (cost per arch)

  • Esthetic Damon Q Clear self-ligating permanent braces (cost per arch)

  • Orthodontic visit

  • Invisalign

  • Invisalign full (Comprehensive)

  • Invisaliugn Lite (cost of treatment of upper and lower teeth)

  • Invisalign Lite (cost of treatment of upper or lower teeth)

  • Vivera retainers

  • Carriere® Motion 3D™ Bite Correction Appliance

  • Carriere® Motion 3D™ metallic

  • Carriere® Motion 3D™ esthetic (clear)

  • Control visit Carriere® Motion 3D™

  • Emergency

  • Bonding orthodontic bracket

  • Bonding of new orthodontic bracket

  • Replacement of 1 arch

  • Replacement of 2 arches

  • Exchange of elastic ligatures

  • Orthodontic consultation - emergency


    For orthodontic patients NOT treated in Top Medical Clinic

  • Completion of orthodontic treatment

  • Removal of fixed braces 1 arch with retention and 3D models // Removal of braces 1 arch with Essix retainer +3D diagnostic models


    Fixed retainer is not included in the price

  • Removal of braces 2 arches with Essix retainers + 3D diagnostic models


    Permanent retainer is not included in the price

  • ICON - removal of white spots on teeth

  • 1 tooth

  • 2-3 teeth (price for 1 tooth)

  • Over 3 teeth (price for 1 tooth)

  • Retainers (retainer)

  • Essix Retainer (overlay/movable retainer) 1 arch

  • Essix Retainer (overlay/movable retainer) 2 arches

  • Fixed retainer (1 arch)

  • Damon Ultima System (1 arch)