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    Paediatrics Description

    Paediatrics London

    We know that your child's health and proper development is what parents care for most. That is why in Top Medical Clinic Isleworth we work with a paediatrician who does not only know how to monitor our little patients' health, but is also great at talking to children and their parents. We provide medical care to children of all age groups, from neonates to 15-year-olds. We examine, diagnose and treat a variety of illnes-ses, from the most common respiratory system diseases, ear infections and skin conditions, to rare and unusual ones. We pay close attention to health checks, pre-vention and proper diet.

    You don’t need to worry anymore!

    How does visit with paediatrician in London looks like?

    Being an experienced practitioner, our paediatrician knows that children are rarely able to describe their own ailments. That is why she always talks to the child’s guar-dians and takes plenty of time to answer their questions in full. Never in a hurry during examination, patient and composed, she inspires trust with those who know her.

    Paediatrician’s tasks include:

    • regular paediatric health checks,
    • assessment of child’s growth and development,
    • recognising possible developmental disorders,
    • vaccinations and screening tests,
    • providing parents with necessary information regarding proper neonatal care and feeding,
    • diagnosing diseases, deciding on proper treatment, running required tests – and if necessary, referring children to other specialists.

    Working with our youngest patients is extreme satisfaction and pleasure, and we take great pride in the trust that parents put in our clinic!

    Paediatrics Dr Malgorzata Radkowska

  • Consultation

  • Control visit up to 7 days

  • Telephone consultation

  • Report

  • Interpretation of test results