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Dr Teresa Bisikiewicz



Internal medicine doctor

Specialist in Pulmonology, Internal Medicine, and Forensic Medicine Dr. Teresa Bisikiewicz completed her studies at the Faculty of Medicine of the Wroclaw Medical University. While working at the Provincial Pulmonology Hospital near Opole, she obtained qualifications as a Specialist in Internal Medicine and achieved a Second Degree Specialization in the field of Pulmonary Diseases. Adult pulmonology is a specialization that receives her particular attention. In the United Kingdom, she continued her practice in Respiratory Medicine, working at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth for 14 years, particularly in the Sleep Clinic and the sleep apnea (OSA) team. Additionally, she actively practices as a Forensic Medical Examiner with a particular focus on examining victims of sexual violence. Scope of medical consultations: • Internal diseases, general medicine, preventive examinations for drivers Scope of specialist consultations: • Acute, recurrent, and chronic respiratory diseases • Bronchitis • Bronchial asthma • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) • Pneumonia • Sinusitis • Bronchiectasis • Pulmonary fibrosis • Cystic fibrosis • Tuberculosis • Sleep disorders – snoring, sleep apnea

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