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Mgr Marek Gocyła

Master of Physiotherapy, a student of osteopathy, and postgraduate psychology studies. Advocate of naturopathy and a holistic approach to therapy and the patient. Specializes in soft tissue and internal organ therapy. In work, he also utilize knowledge of massage, manipulation techniques, and neuromuscular therapy.

A graduate of the Bronisław Czech Academy of Physical Education in Krakow, where he deepened his knowledge in the field of physiotherapy. He began professional career in 2018. Exploring and perfecting massage and physiotherapy techniques is his passion, allowing him to derive satisfaction from helping others. He continuously expand his skill and constantly educate himself in the fields of physiotherapy and massage, resulting in the acquisition of numerous certificates and increasing his professional competencies.

A friendly and empathetic therapist who can guide a person in the right direction through conversation alone.

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